Christian Health Association Sierra Leone

About Us

CHASL was founded in May 1975 as the result of a workshop conducted for leaders of all Church related health programmes in Sierra Leone. The leaders of these Church-related health programmes had a year earlier (1974), requested the assistance of the Christian Medical Commission of the World Council Medical Commission of the World Council of Churches in Geneva to evaluate the contribution of the Churches to health care in Sierra Leone.

As a result, the CMC invited them to designate three participants to the African Coordinators Conference which was held in Mombassa, Kenya in February 1975.

In May 1975, the CMC sent Dr. Stuart Kingma, Associate Director of the CMC to tour Sierra Leone and gather information on all of the hospitals and rural health work being carried out by the various missions and churches. This visit culminated in a workshop on 30th-31st May 1975, during which the possibilities of forming an agency for planning and co-ordination was thoroughly explored and finally approved.


A Sierra Leone where everyone can access good quality health care service.


We exist to act Corporately to further the work of Christian health services in fostering the Spirit of Christian Love and Service to all in need, as witnessed in the life, teachings and examples of our Lord Jesus Christ