Christian Health Association Sierra Leone

Activities & Programs

CHASL has been and continues to be active in the areas of:

Health Promotion

Through its member hospitals, clinics and health centres, provides health services to the nation; promote and supports primary health care and community-based health care.

Drug Procurement

CHASL has over the years identified suppliers who provide drugs at reasonable prices for its members. Serves as agent for the importation, clearing and handling of all such supplies. Provides storage and transportation of such supplies when needed.


Since 1991, CHASL has promoted CBHCs through regular workshops and seminars for health workers and religious leaders; has supported training of traditional birth attendants in areas of operations.

Since 1978 CHASL has provided the only nurses training programme in the country that is rural bases. State Enrolled Community Health Nurses are trained at two of its member hospitals in the provinces while another member hospital has been training ophthalmic nurses.