Christian Health Association Sierra Leone

UMC Health Centre, Jaiama


The UMC Health Centre in Jaiama was opened in 1920 by the United Methodist Church missionaries for the community to have access to available, affordable and quality medical services.

It is located in the Kono District of the Eastern Province and 260 miles off the capital city of Freetown.

Our catchment area population is 5,900 and the types of services that the health centre renders are as follows:

i)    Health education with emphasis on preventive and basic curative health service.
ii)    Treatment of minor ailment and referral of major ones
iii)    Anti-natal, pre-natal and post natal
iv)    Growth monitoring and immunization
v)    Outreach services
vi)    Baby friendly initiative
vii)    HIV counseling, testing and prevention of mother to child transmission and treatment of positive cases
viii)    Screening and treatment of tuberculosis patients
ix)    School health activities in partnership with restless development

UMC Health Centre Jaiama Nimikoro
The name of the Nurse in Charge is Kanie Sia Turay