Christian Health Association Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Church Clinic, Port Loko


The Clinic started five years before Joseph joined the Mission on 1st May 1978, working with a Missionary called Miss Mahy. Mr. Givan and wife were working as an evangelist with one Mr. Adikali Kamara. Mr. Kamara goes out with a bicycle teaching them the Bible in Temne.

In 1978 Miss Mahy and Joseph A. Conteh were giving tapeline and land rover and going out to treat under fives, adult and antenatal. The cost of under five was six pence and adult the cost was one shillings. The turn up was very great in each village.

The present staff:

1.    Isata R. Bangura, In charge
2.    Rosaline B. Conteh, MCH Aide
3.    Joseph A. Conteh, Volunteer
4.    Mr. Lansana Bangura, Porter
5.    Mabinty Kanu, Porter

Catchment population is 4,921
Location of the Clinic – Port Loko town, Maforki Chiefdom, Port Loko District

Distance from Port Loko to Freetown is 76 miles

–    Family Planning
–    Antenatal clinic
–    Delivery and postnatal
–    EPI Immunization
–    Outreach

The clinic needs delivery bed and generator and hanging fan.