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Evangelical Lutheran Health Centre


The Evangelical Lutheran Community Health Clinic situated at 4A Consider Lane, Calaba Town, Freetown was opened in February 2009. This community has no access to a health care facility and so the Lutheran Church in Sierra Leone in Sierra Leone thought it fit to being quality and affordable health care inhabitants. A Medical Mission Team (from the Lutheran Church in America) of 14 Personnel comprising of a Doctor, Nurses, Laboratory Technician, Nurses and Pastors from Dallas, Texas visited and offered free services including Drugs that they brought with them.

The Clinic is open on Mondays to Fridays, 8a.m. to 6p.m and on Saturdays 8a.m. to 12p.m. We operate on outpatient basis since we have only 2 beds for observation and there are only 3 nursing staff and a visiting laboratory Technician who works only on Saturdays. We offer services to both children and adults but patients do not stay overnight because we do not have enough beds and we cannot hire additional staff because of the cost involve.


–    The Government electricity is not always on and so we use the standby generator whenever we want to use electricity. Sometimes the generator is faulty and repaired on time and so this poses a constrain on service delivery
–    Drugs are bought locally which is expensive if you want quality ones. Selling these drugs to patients on cost recovery basis is sometimes a problem because people living in this community are mostly low income earners.
–    We want to proceed with allowing patients spending the night at the clinic as requested by the community, but we do not have enough beds for admission
–    The Government’s Free Health Carew Services is telling greatly on patient inflow but some people still prefer us because of the care and attention we give to them


Bishop Thomas J. Barnet 
60 Sir Samuel Lewis Road
Aberdeen, Freetown
Tel Nos. +232 76 619 480

Juliana A.M. Musa-M’bayeilla
Nurse in Charge
Evangelical Lutheran Clinic
4A Consider Lane, Calaba Town
232 76 761 232/30 959 942