Christian Health Association Sierra Leone

St. Anthony’s Clinic, Western Area


The St. Anthony’s Clinic for the Poor was established by Fr. Vincent Veal, a British born in the 90s with support from the Iris Overseas Development Aid and the Cluny Sisters in the United Kingdom – UK.

As a faith mission aiming to provide affordable, quality Health care services, to improve on the Health status of the vulnerable poor in the Urban communities with special emphasis on under five’s. The clinic is house in the same compound with the St. Anthony’s Infant School, the clinic staff quarters and storage facility.

Catchment Population: The St. Anthony’s Clinic catchment population is as follows:
Total population            –    39,233
Under 5’s (five)            –      6,474
Under 1 (one)            –      1,569
Women of child bearing age    –      8,710
Surviving infant            –      1,430
Non pregnant women        –      7,101
Pregnant                –      1,609

Clinic Activities: The clinic undertake the following activities
    Health Education
    Growth Monitoring/Defaulters Tracing
    Immunization
    General Clinic include Adult and Children
    Under Fives
    Nutrition
    Delivery
    Ante Natal Care – ANC
    Post Natal Care – PNC
    Prevent from Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) HIV

Constraints: The St. Anthony’s Clinic lack the capacity to accommodate the growing population of client/patients more especially during the raining season, patient who need to do test are referred to other health facility because the Clinic do not have a lab and laboratory equipment, the clinic storage facility, and the Clinic physical structure is also too small. And the top roof needs urgent repairs. High increase in the prize of essential drugs, and no Information Communication Technology – ICT i.e. computers, printers and photocopier machine. The solar refrigerator component is not working and salaries for staff that are not on government pay roll is also a big challenge.

Recommendation: Urgent need for the expansion of the physical structure of the Clinic, construction of a lab, expansion of the waiting room, increase the storage facility, provide computer and printer and a motor bike for easy flow of information sharing.

Contact Person:        Sr. Anita Ganda
Cell Phone:            033 707070
Address:            Barlatt Street, Off Syke Street, Freetown
Hours of work:        8a.m to 2p.m – Mondays to Friday

Prepared and faithfully Submitted by:
Mrs. Anita A. Ganda, SEM
Sr. In Charge

Mr. Abdulai Gamanga
Lab Assistant