Christian Health Association Sierra Leone

Wesleyan Health Centre, Kissy


The Wesleyan Health Centre is situated at 5the eastern part of Freetown is a branch of the Health Centres of the Wesleyan Church of Sierra Leone. It is located at Kissy Grassfield in the church compound. It was opened on 9th January 1997, with the aim of providing health care services to the people of the environs e.g. Lowcost Housing, Portee, Kuntoloh, Thunder Hill etc. with the help of the District Helth Management Team of the Western Area, a catchment population was given to as 9,220 people.

The following services are rendered in the centre:-
1.    Screening of Adults, Adolescence and under fives for minor ailments
2.    Providing treatment for all clients of the above categories
3.    Laboratory investigation services to help in diagnosing these clients
4.    Family planning services to all eligible groups
5.    Immunization of all categories involved
6.    Growth monitoring of all under five children
7.    Antenatal and post natal services
8.    Delivery services
9.    Referral to other hospital for further management
10.    HIV counseling and testing with prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT)

Even though we render all the above services to our clients, there are still challenges and constraints that we undergo as a health centre:
a)    The proliferation of health clinics in our catchment area makes it difficult for us to reach our monthly target
b)    The coming of the free health care also has its own impact. Three fourths of our population is under the free health care and just one fourth are the ones we collect user fees. As a result, it is very difficult for us to raise our salaries and get our drugs replenish every month
c)    For one to have a good medication, it means money. Due to the high cost of drugs, clients prefer to buy substandard drugs in the name of less cost and end up spending a lot to be healed.

With few of these constraints highlighted, we are still grateful to God as He continually blessed us from donations of drugs or kind from different organizations. I know that He will continue to take us through as we serve Him in this capacity.

Submitted by:

Hannah Cole
In charge