Christian Health Association Sierra Leone

Training on Helping Mothers Survive and Helping Babies Breathe.

January 26, 2024, culminated a five-day intensive training on Helping Mothers Survive and Helping Babies Breathe at the College of Medical Sciences, Njala University, Kowama Campus. The closing ceremony was graced by the presence of esteemed individuals, including Vice-Chancellor and Principal Professor Koroma, Dean Professor Ansumana, Sr. Pity Kanu, and other Master Trainers from the Ministry of Health, COMAHS, Project Hope, Healey International Relief Foundation, Helping Children Worldwide, CHASL, CHAMPS, and various other organizations.

Awards were presented to participants with exceptional performance and gifts to their facilities, including MamaNatalie, respirators, training, and reading materials. Certificates were given to all attendees following rigorous post-assessments. We have captured the essence of this impactful event through photos and videos, including the stirring commitment songs performed by the dedicated Participants #TrainingCompletion #HealthCareImpact #NjalaUniversitySierraLeone.