Christian Health Association Sierra Leone

Catholic Mobile Clinic, Madina


We started operation first week of February 2008, one clinic in Madina, one in Malikia and the other in Kabassa. We do sit general clinic in Madina every Tuesday and Friday, and every Wednesdays and Thursdays we go to the villages for our mobile clinic.

First week of August 2009 we open the feeding centre for the malnourished children where in we provide food for both children and their mothers and medication which is free of charge. (Following the UNICEF Policy).

In 2010, we started the eye programme where in we screen mainly old people with different diseases like red eyes, eyes injuries, cataracts. On Wednesday we supply medication to minor cases and refer those with cataracts to the eye clinic Lunsar for free surgery. On Friday we have patients coming with high blood pressure and there is a guide lines with the Holy Spirit Hospital, Makeni for an appropriate treatment.

Madina is near the border and we attend a great number of people from at least four chiefdoms namely: Tonko Limba, Bramaia, Masungbala, Sanda. We are under the Kambia district which is about 281,140 habitants.

Madina is the centre of the Tonko Limba and is about 3,500 people, the distance from the Capital City is about 185 Km.

Br. Bruna Menic. (Coordinator)
phone 033 113 894