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Catholic Hospital, Panguma


Panguma Hospital is currently is a 136 bed rural hospital serving the communities in Lower Bambara Chiefdom and its surrounding areas. It offers basic outpatient services as well in patient services for the community.

Surgical services are offered for difficult maternity cases, emergencies and elective hernia repair. More difficult cases are referred to Kenema and Freetown as necessary.

After the disruption of services due to the war, the hospital was renovated and reopened in 2005 through the intervention of external donors and CORDAID. The former funded the rehabilitation and re-equipment of the structures, while the later aided with running and organisational costs. CORDAID involvement continued through 2011, when they were forced to withdraw due to their own funding constraints.
Children's Ward, Panguma Hosp.

From its onset, the MOHS, through its District Health Medical Team has been extremely generous in its support to Panguma Hospital. In 2011 their support was expanded to include the posting of trained nurses and Lab Technicians to the staff. This support grew in 2012 to include trained staff.

The community too has been greatly involved in supporting the hospital. It has provided support in the absence of sufficient external donors. The community was also instrumental in securing the participation of the United Methodist Church to sponsor the current Medical Doctor.

Through 2011, the hospital was able to raise only 33% of its operational costs. Despite adjustments to drug and service charges, the situation remains as it struggles to maintain its high standards.

Outpatient - Panguma Hosp.

Panguma Hospital was built by National Diamond Mining Company (NDMC) and opened in 1965 under the auspices of the Catholic Mission and administered by the Holy Rosary Sisters until 1986. The Holy Rosary Sisters withdrew and the hospital was closed for four months. The full proprietorship was offered to the Catholic Mission by the Paramount Chief and his authorities. The hospital re-opened in September, 1986, managed by the local staff.

A religious group, The Daughters of Charity, arrived in October, 1989 to take over the hospital. The same year, 5the hospital electrical supply was connected to the general BKPS supply from the nearby Chinese built hydro electrical dam to Goma. In 1990, the Water Aid Project, Phase I was completed and water supplied to all areas of the hospital the hospital had 127 beds and now has 136 bed capacities.

The areas of the Hospital are:

Male ward                    Theatre
Female Ward                C.S.S.D
Maternity Ward                Maintenance Dept.
Chest Unit (TB)                Laundry
Children’s Ward                Physio Department
Nutrition Unit                Administration Office
Outpatient Department            Stores
Pharmacy                    Account Office
Laboratory                    Staff Houses
Education Department            Matron’s Office
Doctor’s Office                Primary Health Centre, Department

Panguma is a small town, population f 20,244, situated in the Lower Bambara Chiefdom of Eastern Province, Sierra Leone. The provincial headquarters is based in Kenema, 45 km away from the provincial headquarter town, Kenema. Principally, the hospital serves the Lower Bambara, Dodo and Malegohun Chiefdoms. A population of about 98,000 people.

Panguma Catholic Hospital-Panguma (3)

All roads leading in and out of Panguma are dirt or laterite construction, many of which are impassable during the rainy season due to heavy rains.

At present, the hospital is owned by the Lower Bambara Chiefdom Community and is managed by the Catholic Mission.

The hospital is located in the Panguma town, Lower Bambara Chiefdom in the Kenema District. The distance from Freetown to Panguma is 219 miles.

Services provided are Preventive and curative, operations, HIV.AIDS, TB programmes, epilepsy, diabetes. The catchment population is 20,244

Contact persons of the hospital:

Dr. Sulaiman Jabati Wai
Tel: 076 386 756

Mrs. Fatmata B. Saffa
Tel: 076 641 277

The hospital email address is:
Tel: 076 613 015

Proprietorship of the Hospital
Bishop Patrick D. Koroma
Bishop of Kenema Diocese
Office phone: 076 639 352

R. Moran
Acting Health Coordinator
Tel: 076 682 700

Fatmata B. Saffa
Office Manager