Christian Health Association Sierra Leone

UMC Health Centre, Taiama


The Clinic was founded in 1910 by Missionary team headed by Miss M. Eaton, Dr. Mabel Silver, Rev. J.R. King and many others from USA.

They started the mission work at Shenga, Rotifunk and later extended it to Taiama in the Moyamba District, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

The first sister in charge was Miss A.E. Akin. She stayed at Taiama and Dr. Mabel Silver was visiting the clinic during her staying at Rotifunk.

During the mission work some medical personnel were sent to posting for one or two years in the clinic, namely:

Dr. Marietta Hartfield
Dr. & Mrs. Lerfforg
Nurse Oson
Nurse Assielaiah
Dr. Guest, Volunteer Eye Specialist

They train some people in the community to become medical personnel, namely:

Mr. A.E. Lavally, Taiama
Mr. F.G. Ngegba, Taiama
Miss Esther Tommy, Shenga
Mrs. Abel Johnson, Rotifunk
and many others.

The clinic is located at Taiama town, Gbaya town section Kori Chiefdom, Moyamba District.

Distance from Freetown to Taiama is 128 miles and from Taiama to Bo is 34 miles. Catchment population is 6,789

List of services rendered to the community:
–    Treatment, examination and vaccination of pregnant women (ANC)
–    Treatment and vaccination of under fives children (UFC)
–    Health education
–    Testing and counselling of patients for HIV/AIDS (Friends Unit)
–    Testing and treatment of TB patients
–    Treatment of minor ailment
–    Follow up through home visiting
–    Family planning

List of needs of the Clinic:
–    Solar system
–    Refrigerator
–    Vaccine carrier drugs
–    Test kits
–    Supplementary food (WFP)
–    Scale for labour room

Contact Persons:

Mrs. Alice Kanneh
CHO In charge
Tel: 076 626 685

Sr. Beatrice Gbanga
Medical Coordinator
Tel: 076 917 722