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Catholic Maternity Clinic, Pendembu

Brief Profile

The Catholic Clinic/Maternity, Pendembu, Upper Bambara Chiefdom, Kailahun District, Eastern Province of Sierra Leone was established in the year 1979 by the then ArchBishop Ganda (now retired) of the Diocese of Kenema.

Catholic Maternity Clinic Pendembu (2)The running of the clinic was undertaken by the handmaid Sisters – a group of Religious women from Nigeria who arrived in Sierra Leone 1978 to help in the work of Evangelization through medical, education and social work.

The first matron was Rev. Sr. Victoria Mums H.H.C.J. and other Sisters followed much later.

The main goal of the clinic is basically to improve on the health care system which as at that time was in a deplorable condition and patients had to travel far to get medical care.

The services rendered by the sisters includes, maternal and child health, mobile outreaches and health education in Pendembu and its environs under Kailahun District.

Recently, in the area of referrals of obstetrics emergencies, 2 ambulances were donated through the Royal Dutch Midwife Association in Holland through contact with Sierra Leone Midwife Association. The ambulance services will cover the peripheral four chiefdoms and with this, maternal and prenatal deaths due to late or none referral will be greatly reduced.

The handmaid sisters up till date headed by Sr. Anthonia Ekong are still rendering these services in the chiefdom/district.

The clinic building was destroyed during the war, but this did not stop the medical services rendered by the sisters even from them coming home.

In response to the needs for increase in health care services, the sisters are making effort to renovate/equip the clinic so that quality care can be given to patients in a conducive environment. The sisters will appreciate assistance from any generous body.

The distance from Pendembu to Freetown is 225 miles (360km).

Thanks and God bless you.

Sr. Anthonia Ekong
076 543 242